Thursday, February 1, 2007

Base Lager & Experimental Secondaries

Well, on 1/30/07, I finally brewed an all-grain batch by myself. Oh, I did get a little help at the beginning of the boil from an unexpected visitor. It is true that Bruce Lee is a relatively small man, but he also puts out an enormous amount of chi-energy and physical endurance. Hey hey Bruce, you know, you could be a really good homebrewer! Oh, and I did put my mom to work on the syphoning while she was visiting, playing with Cadence and dropping off some awesome homemade soup. But for the most part, a solo act.

I'm in lager mode right now, and getting in 4 batches this Winter season. For this 4.5 gallon/1-pot batch, I made up a "base" wort that's a nice deep golden color with medium/low bitterness. The wort is fermenting nicely at about 50*F on the Schwartzbier's Bavarian yeast cake.

Base lager recipe: (OG 1.050)
7.00 lb. American Two-row Pale
1.00 lb. German Munich
0.25 lb. Flaked Wheat
0.13 lb. Belgian Aromatic
0.25 lb. American Crystal 80L

There were a variety of hop pellets left over from past batches, so I utilized all of them in this recipe. Approx. 22 IBU came out of these hops...

Hops: (22 IBU)
.50 oz. Tettnanger (90 min.)
.25 oz. Challenger (90 min.)
.13 oz. Willamette (30 min.)
.25 oz. Hallertau (30 min.)

After the bulk primary is finished, it will be divided into 4 experimental secondaries.

1. Base "Copper" Lager
2. Dry Hopped Lager
3. Ginger Peach Lager
4. Citrus Lager

I love reusing my Mom's & Grandma's 4 liter wine jugs. They make perfect test batch fermenters. They're also great as starter vessels and for making mead.

It's been a long time since brewing (9/2006) a light colored beer. The past four have been 16 SRM and up. So finally I get to see clearly into the action of fermentation. Watching lager yeast do it's thing is pretty cool. I like the way it smells right now (very clean with a nice bitterness).

Progress: The secondaries sat on the cracked windowsill with a light barrier and a styro-cubicle built around them to hold in the cold outside temperature. I didn't worry about temperature fluctuations. They conditioned for two weeks, and the weather stayed quite cold. They were bottled on 3/11/07. So far so good. Each one is very unique.


go away said...

bluce reeeeee!
hi red ted
this is arone, glad to see you can get some use out of him, some day i hope i get to taste your brews. hi to sara and cadence! i've been checking out her photos, looks like cadence is growing up really quickly! I'm happy for you
best wishes, arone

Ted Danyluk said...

Yeah, I received Bruce as a "brown elephant" gift from Charles and Ali. Yeah, any time yer in Chicago, I'd love to give you some beer. Please visit soon! Cadence really is amazing, and growing so fast. Sarah and I are trying to not take it/her for granted. Thanks Arone. We wish the best to you too. Thanks for visiting my site and adding to it. Later...

Tom said...

I loved this post and your more recent Copper post as well. I think it's cool that you did four test batches out of one base batch. For some reason that thought never came to mind and your post help me articulate my idea. Thanks for trying it out. I'm curious how each one turned out in your opinion. Happy brewing...I'll be keeping up-to-date on your brews.

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