Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dark Cherry Stout Man

It was getting close to the end of my shift over at Trader Joes, and I was growing tired both mentally and physically. The checkout lines were long with no end in site. A nice couple came up to my register and bought an unusual amount of frozen dark cherries (11 lbs!). Normally I would have made a funny comment but, my fatigue got in the way. The man made a comment about it himself saying..."That's a lot of cherries!" I returned, "sure is...what are you using them for?" He said, "they're going into beer. I'm making a cherry stout." Upon announcing that, I automatically became more alert and interested. I told him about how I'm about to put peaches into a lager. The fast pace of TJ's checkout lines only allowed for a brief discussion about our shared hobby. I'm thankful that it occured. It's nice to see homebrewers are all around. Until we talk again, I will simply name you the mysterious "Dark Cherry Stout Man." Now I'm wondering if you're putting all 11 pounds into a 5 gallon batch?

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Well Brian, it's nice to meet you. Hope your Dark Cherry Vanilla Stout turns out great. Take good notes. Its so easy to forget some of the details when you're formulating recipes in the future.

I decided to start this online journal to help me take better notes on my beers, and to keep my brewing interests fresh.


Brian said...

Whats up Ted!

Yeah I'm the cherry guy, in fact I am just taking a break right now from brewing this evening. What I am brewing is a cherry/vanilla stout, and as we speak the cherries are sitting in the post boil wort, and yes that is 10 pounds of Cherries into a 5 gallon batch (but a batch of starting OG 1.060).

It was good to talk to you as well about our hobby. I'm fairly new to it (2 months-4: 5 gallon batches-extract on all of them). Anyway man, I'll definetley add the site to my favorites, I look forward to talking to about our brewings!

Ted Danyluk said...

Hey Brian,

Its good to hear from you so soon. Thanks for checking out my new brew journal, and for being the first to post a comment. Looks like you've done some reading into adding fruit/flavors to your brew. And it sounds like it's going to be a killer beer. I wonder how the dark cherry flavor will mix with everything else. Let me know how it turns out. Sorry I forgot your name. I'll go back and edit the post. You can email me at


Anonymous said...

What a cool idea Ted! I wish you much luck in your brewing.

Anonymous said...

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