Sunday, March 4, 2007

Mild Brown Ale

A quick brown ale made out of some left over ingredients. Since there's a bunch of slow conditioning lagers taking their sweet old time, I wanted to get in a quick ale. This one was made with my mini-masher (coffee pump carafe). I was expecting to get about 27 gravity points out of it, but the extraction rate was strangely low at 1.019. Some light DME made up the difference (almost 50% of the fermentables).

Mild Brown Ale Recipe:

1 gallon primary and no secondary

.43 lb German Vienna Malt
.43 lb Wheat Malt
1.6 oz Crystal 80L
2.5 tsp Chocolate Malt
1.25 tsp Roasted Barley
.4 lb Light DME (dried malt extract)

.15 oz. Hallertau pellets, 4.0%, 60min.
2 pellets of Hallertau, 4.0%, 30min.

Muntons dry yeast packet


Eli said...

Can you tell a little more about the coffee carafe mini-masher?

It sounds rather interesting.

Ted Danyluk said...

Hey eli,

I was brainstorming how to do all-grain 1 gallon batches and starters. It occured to me that a coffee pump-carafe would probably work. I happened to find a 2 liter carafe in very good condition at a local resale shop for only 6 bucks. I cleaned it up and attatched a filter onto the end of the down-tube. I think I will write a full post about this project and how it works, and include some photos too. All-in-all, it works pretty darn good. I'm still going through filter modifications. So look for it in the very near future. Thanks for asking.

I like your beer blog. I'll comment about a superb coffee stout. You have to try it if you're ever in the Chicago area.

Eli said...

Thanks for the reply, I'm looking forward to more about your set-up.