Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Brief History of Ted's Brews

Here's a chronological listing of all my past beers and mead. Not all of these are full 5 gallon batches. Most of them have a link to a post with their recipe or critique. Click...here for the one gallon batch list.

2003 through 2004
Fermented Water (Munton’s Old Ale)
Insignificant Ale (lost somewhere in my memory bank)
Malty Brown Fizzy Water (Edme Red Ale)

Tumultuous Porter
Denny Conn's Rye IPA
Johnny’s Rockin’ Ale
Oatmeal Stout
Holiday Spiced Ale

Munich Helles
Smoked Scottish Ale
Honey Toasted Red Ale
Swamp Rat Super IPA
Sour Corn Ale
Blueberry Ale
Buckwheat Dry Mead
Irish Dry Stout
Downer Brown Ale
Cyser Sweet Mead
Ancient Ale (Old Ale)
Munich Dunkel

Copper Lager
Ginger Peach Lager
Dry Hopped Lager
Citrus Lager

Mild Brown Ale
Czech Pilsner "Boldface Bohemian Pilsner"
Dandelion Wine/Mead
Belgian Pale Ale
Belgian Strong Ale w/ Juniper
Cranberry Champagne
Hop Blend IPA
Matrimony Ale(APA)
Blueberry Wheat Beer
Official NBA
Simcoe 100
Barley Wine
T&C Nut Brown Ale
Hard Cider 2007
Cocoa Porter
Sterling Pearl
Smoked Scottish 2
Cardamom Ginger Beer
Fennel Nettle Ale
Burdock Beer
Fresh Sage Ale

Copper Lager 2
Rauch Bock
Quinoa Lager
Raisin Toast Stout
Fresh Old Ale
ESB vs. American 2 - round 1
ESB vs. American 2 - round 2
ESB vs. American 2 - round 3
Ordinary Bitter
Mint Stout
Sterling Pale Ale
Rhino Rye Beer
Yvonne's Sterling Moon
Sandy Jaywalker IPA
Cascade IPA
Smoked Amber Ale
Blackstrap Root Beer
Rat Bite IPA
Silly Trappist
Belgian Tripel
Blackstrap Root Beer 2
Belgian Blue
Nut Brown Ale 2
Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Five Flavored Beers
Mint Stout 2
Robust Porter
Holiday Spiced Ale 2
Columbus IPA
Golden Nugget "wet hop" Harvest Ale
Gnome Autumn Red Birch
Old Rasputin Clone
Blackstrap Root Beer 3
Spiced Pumpkin Ale
Nut Brown Ale 3
Copper Lager 3

German Style Pils
Golden Rauchbier
Scottish Ale 70/-
Double Dark Scottish Ale
Scottish Imperial Stout
Royal Ryeness Brown
Palisades Best Bitter
Hooded Sterling APA
Wayward Imperial IPA
Small Beer
Peppercorn Belgian Ale
Belgian Tripel 2
Rhino Rye 2
Split American Ambers
Sunburst Pale Ale
T-90 Chinook Pale Ale
Extra Dark Belgian Abyss
Belgian Tripel 3-Peat
Cocoa & Ancho Chili Smoked Porter
Blackstrap Root Beer
Big Batch Small Beer
Hop Blend IPA 2
Coal Porter
Steelcut Oatmeal Stout
Isaac The Great APA's
Blackstrap Root Beer
Imperial Stout III
Mild Ale

Session 1 Lager
Biscuit Small Beer
Copper Lager #4
Cousin's Brown Ale
Munich Dunkel 2
Cherrywood Smoked Doppelbock
Smoked Session Lager
Daring Pils
American Hefeweizen 1
Columbarillo IPA
A1 & P1
A2 & P2
The Bones Eye IPA


Brian said...

Hi Ted,

Nice brewing history listed out there! I'm very interested in seeing the recipe for your "Swamp Rat Super IPA" if you have it around. Also very interested in your Blueberry and Sour Corn Ale recipes if you have them on hand.

I'm looking for a little inspiration currently for my next batch and I'm finding it in your varied brewing so I thank you for that.

See ya soon,

Ted Danyluk said...

Hey Brian,

Thanks for your interest in these beers. I'm happy to share the recipes with you. Look for them in a new post. I'll talk about what I like/didn't like about them, and what changes might make them even better.


SeƱor Brew™ said...

You brew a LOT! I think I got about 18 batches in this past year, and that was too many. (I brewed 3 different types for a friends wedding in November).