Monday, June 4, 2007

Bunch of Belgium Beers

Now that I've got a big healthy slurry of Belgain Ardennes yeast, I figure its a good time to get into a few belgian styles. Five gallons of Belgian Pale Ale I figure is a good starting point. Its now clarifying in secondary right now. Its a wonderful rich golden color. It has a medium gravity with low bitterness. No spices added to show how the yeast works. The fermentation temperature was in the range of 74-78*F.

Next up will be 3 gallons of a strong dark ale. The gravity should be around 1.082 with a medium dark color, and a bitterness from Styrian Goldings hops at about 35 IBU. Since it'll be racked into 3 separate secondary jugs, there may be room to play around with a flavoring experiment. Hops, fruit, spice? Anyone reading this have any ideas?

The last beers will be a mouth puckering sour pale ale and raspberry lambic. Not sure if I'll get to call them a Gueuze and Framboise, but hopefully they will get very sour. I'm planning to sour the mash for a couple days. Then ferment it with a blend of Ardennes and Lambic Blend. Then add raspberries to half of it. And finally let them sit around for a year or two before bottling.

That should be the extent of my Belgian attempts for this year. None of them call any of that coriander/orange peel flavoring. Maybe I'll get to those somewhere in the future...perhaps for David's wedding? Also, I'm very interested in brewing a Belgian/IPA style. David and I tried one of those at the Map Room a while back, and it was simply amazing. So maybe I'll make some room for Belgians again next year...cause I'm gonna have to try and brew that Tripel Karmeliet clone...right honey?

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