Monday, July 23, 2007

Dark Triad

Three dark beers have been sitting together in the basement since the holidays. They were together for a reason. I wanted to taste two of mine along with a commercial beer. Finally the opportunity presented itself. One evening (July 13th), David and I had nothing better to do than sit around and sample beer.

Within the triad, the only thing in common was their color...jet black. Some of the basic flavors found in very dark beers were in all three, but their personalities presented the flavors in very different ways.

Thanks David for a fun tasting, and your notes. Here's the details for each beer. If anyone would like to see the recipes for the first two, please let me know. You're on your own for the third. I have one bottle left of the Dry Stout, and a small handful of Schwartzbier hanging around.

Classic Dry Stout
OG 1.043
ABV 3.75%

Look: Black, medium tan fine head builds and slowly diminishes to a steady ring around the collar
Nose: Chocolate
Taste: Pleasant bitterness with chocolate upfront, then the carbonation effect rushes over bringing somewhat complexity of roast flavors, and ends dry
Aftertaste: Long lasting taste, finishes dry and clean
Overall: Using a classic/standard recipe and a fairly low OG (1.043), it came out pretty good. A little assertive with roast flavors. It's a smaller beer acting like a big one, so one is enough.

OG 1.052
ABV 5%

Look: Black, fine lighter tan head with staying power
Nose: Smokey, dry roast and toast aromas, and roasted cacao
Taste: Sweetness coming from Munich and dark malts, then moves into a smooth bitterness and finishes with moderate roast flavors and a touch of smoke. The smoke character was very prominent after 2 weeks in the bottle and has been mellowing over time.
Aftertaste: Sweeter roast flavors
Overall: Good beer, and a bit full in flavor, and almost tastes like a Baltic Porter. A little high on carbonation. Can drink a couple...slowly.

Bison - Organic Chocolate Stout
OG 1.058
ABV 6.1%

Look: Black, fine tan head very much like the Classic Dry Stout
Nose: Chocolate
Taste: Smooth and silky chocolate then in & out layers of roast. Following is a definite chocolaty flavor and there's a mild malty sweetness throughout.
Aftertaste: Smooth & silky
Overall: Easy to drink & very enjoyable, and with such a high alcohol percentage it's very impressive. Perhaps the low IBU's (17) have something to do with the smoothness too.


Travis said...

Good for you going with the dark brews in the summer! I have more of a seasonal tongue myself, but I still find myself ordering the Brooklyn Double Chocolate Stout any change I get.

Reading those reviews has me thirsty for a good dark beer and ready for fall!

Ted Danyluk said...

Travis, I drink what ever I'm in the mood for. Plus, I've been waiting to drink these three since March 8th.

It was such a nice evening to sip on these. It's been a fairly mild summer here in Chicago.