Sunday, July 22, 2007

Melding Belgian Beer & Mexican Food

There's absolutely no rules when it comes to pairing food with good home brewed beer. I'm not exactly sure why I served Mexican food with my summertime Belgian beer, but I think I was just craving them both. They actually paired pretty well.

The Belgian Pale Ale is smooth and simple. It has a malty sweetness and candy-like taste coming from the Indian Jaggery cane sugar. The bitterness level is low and the carbonation is soft. All this combined makes it a very drinkable beer. Everyone came back around for a second glass, and had their fill.

Thank you to my wife Sarah, David and my Mom for helping out with making the delicious dishes. Thank you also to those who brought other tasty foods. We had a nice spread of salsas and dips...a black bean & jack cheese dip, classic chunky salsa, Sarah's famous guacamole, roasted tomatilla salsa, and a spicy/creamy dip.

Thank you to everyone who came out last night. You all helped me to do something I'd never done brew a batch for mass consumption. With a goal of downing 5 gallons, 17 of us did manage to drink a total of 2.45 gallons. I'm impressed.

It was so much fun. I will definitely do this again.

One last thank you to Sarah for taking some photos.


Orange Loren said...

That sounded really fun. How many people did you have over? 17? or was that the count of folks drinkin' beer? Big party. What was the occasion? Just fun? If so, way cool.

Love, Lore

Ted Danyluk said...

Whoops...we had a total of 22. Everyone had some beer except Tony, Cadence, baby Eden and Barko...Yvonne's cute dog. I just wanted to serve up my beer. It was a lot of fun.

I wish you were living on Ainslie, so you could easily swing by for gatherings.