Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Official N.B.A.

24 hours have gone by and one gallon of yeast starter is fermenting very well right now. It's really a very small batch of beer. This time I'm experimenting with moderate-high usage of Northern Brewer hops. Since the recent brewing of a darn good APA and IPA, I wanted to try using different hops in higher IBU's. The yeast slurry from this batch will go into a 4 gallon batch..."Simcoe 100," a strong amber ale with very strong hops.

It's about half all-grain and extract. Since my coffee carafe "mini-masher" can only handle about a pound of malt, I had to perform two consecutive mashes. Each mash lasted about 45 minutes and took about 15 minutes to batch sparge three times. I made up the rest with amber DME. In the end the gravity turned out high by about 10 points! I thought it was more important to boil it down to the right final volume. So the bittering hops may be contributing more IBU's..

After primary fermentation, a taste sample will dictate how much dry hops to use. I definitely want to go big with the aroma on this one. My prediction is that this hop will result in a more "grassy" and "earthy" taste and aroma. We'll see.

Though its coming out more brown than amber, I'm still calling it the "Official N.B.A."

Official N.B.A.
Brewed 8/7/07
1.25 gallon

Malts (OG 1.062)
.65 lb. Munton's Amber DME
1.5 lb. 2-Row Malt
.20 lb. Crystal 60L
.13 lb. CaraFoam
.05 lb. Chocolate Malt

Hops (IBU 62)
.30 oz. Northern Brewer, 8.5%, whole, 90min
.20 oz. Northern Brewer, 8.5%, whole, 15min
.20 oz. Northern Brewer, 8.5%, whole, 5min
.20 oz. Northern Brewer, 8.5%, whole, KO
.20 oz. Northern Brewer, 8.5%, whole, Dry (more or less)

Wyeast 1028: London Ale


1. Racked to secondary 8/14/07
2. Aroma at racking time was absolutely wonderful, and I almost wanted to just let it be. But I gotta go through with the plans. Since the hops already did great things, a little more can't hurt.
3. Bottled on 8/31/07. Two bottles got a bunch of Northern Brewer whole hops in the bottle, and to be drunk within 2 weeks. Looking forward to see how "cask conditioned" I can get my bottled beer.
4. Overall this beer came out pretty bold. Please read about my assessment of Northern Brewer Hops.

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