Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Second Place at Schooner

The Schooner Homebrew Championship is an AHA sanctioned competition held in conjunction with the Great Lakes Brew Fest. Last year I entered one English Style IPA called Swamp Rat Super IPA that was...well, to put it shortly...strange. It didn't come close to placing, received average scores and the judges critiques were totally fair and accurate.

This year I submitted 4 beers...

Boldface Bohemian Pilsner (2A)
Belgian Summer Pale Ale (16B)
Matrimony Ale (10A)
Hop Blend IPA (14B)

Within the parenthesis is the official Beer Judge Certification Program "BJCP" style category. Click on this BJCP link to look up and read more about the specifics of each style.


I was really hoping that the Boldface Bohemian Pilsner (previously named...Czech Pilsner) would grab the attention of the judges. There were elements that I thought were spot on. Like its perfect golden appearance with a thick frothy white head and superb lacing. The carbonation was full yet very soft and easy to put down. It's malt flavor was very clean and neither fruity, nor dry. The bittering was clearly evident, perhaps a little undefined, but also not overbearing nor sharp. It was given the name "Boldface" for a reason, and that's because of its bold hop flavor and aroma. Perhaps a bit much for the Bohemian category, but I really liked how clean and smooth it turned out. Also, if the ABV was a few points higher, this would definitely make a fantastic Imperial Pilsner

I noticed in this competition that 2 styles were combined (1 & 2). So that means that my Continental lager was being judged among American light lagers. In my opinion, and in an obvious geographical observation, these styles are a world apart. But I suppose there needs to be a minimum number of entrants to make a good competition. I'm curious how many entrants there were in the #2 category? Also, I am very interested in what the judges had to say about it. (The score sheets came back, and one judge said that if it wasn't as carbonated, then it likely could have taken best of flight)

To my surprise...

The Hop Blend IPA received a 2nd place! While I feel it is a very good beer, I am also quite surprised! I was explaining to my brewing comrades that this beer was going to have a tough time because it is within such a popular style. It's often brewed during the warmer months, so I new there would be a lot of entries. This year there were 19 entries in the IPA category. So, for mine to receive 2nd place...well...I'm very happy and honored. You can read all about this beer by clicking the link.

The best part about competing is getting the score sheets back from all the judges. Its fun to read what they have to say about the beer we brewed. Even though there's a natural tendency for bias, they do give a fairly objective critique. I'm really looking forward to reading what they had to say about all of our beers in the competition, and sharing them with David and Brian. Lastly, I have to say thank you once again to David and Brian for helping out on most brew days, and to Sarah and Cadence for their support.


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Orange Loren said...

Gratis Teddy! (Congratulations in Swedish) That's so incredibly cool! It's wonderful to hear of your success. Gosh, how rewarding. Rah Rah Tim Boo Bah! Gooooo Teddy!
Love ya, Lore

Ted Danyluk said...

Thanks guys.

It really feels great knowing that one of my beers was recognized and placed. Brian said that its a lot of work that just paid off. It's true. Now I've got something solid to work from, and am looking forward to making even better beer down the road.