Saturday, October 13, 2007

Small Batch Brewing with Half Acre Beer Company

I am delighted to announce that my brewing program will incorporate small batches in line with the goals of Half Acre Beer Company. It is a relationship that began as a direct result of what my wife had to say. She emailed me about a tasting for their Lager at a liquor store near Logan Square. Half Acre Beer Company is new in Chicago, so she thought it would be a good idea to drop in and say hello. It was a trek to get down there, so I figured I'd pick up my brother on the way.

We checked out their beer, and it was quite good. A bold flavored, deep colored, refreshing lager with a unique citrus bittering like no other. Gabriel was very generous with samples and we had a good conversation about his business, and what I have been up to.

After meeting up and talking more about the both of our interests, a natural progression set in. I think we both saw in each other possibilities and a beneficial relationship through the combination of our present state of affairs. I am brewing more and more, with great results. He is starting a great beer company with a vision centered around a fresh line of beer offerings.

That's about it. I am eager to build upon my skills and keep coming out with great beers that are new and interesting. Gabriel and I are both very excited to see how things progress. We both have ambitious goals for ourselves and our beer. It will be cool to see how they merge, and how things evolve.


Adam said...

Great to hear :-) Congrats! Here's to whatever the future holds!


John said...

Absolutely great news! The demand for your skills (and your rad beer) will only grow from here, my brother. Cheers,


Ben, aka BadBen said...

That's pretty darn cool.

Brian said...

That is pretty cool, I had just read about them in a recent Timeout Chicago, the beer issue.


Let us local folks know where we can sample your product!

Ted Danyluk said...

Thank you everybody for your support.

I'll definitely keep you posted about the progression of things, and about tastings.

Orange Loren said...

I love your story Teddy. It really does remind me of the beautiful continuing relationship I have with Caffe Italiano with Sebastian and Christina. Something that seems meant to be and we're all excited to help one another and see where things go in the longer run.

Congratulations again Teddy.
Love you!

Jonathan said...

That is so freaking cool. I'm looking forward to updates like, tomorrow.

Bryon said...

Wow! I just found your site via a link on another blog. Pretty cool deal, meeting a budding young brewing company at a tasting and getting in the door that way. Good for you! Good luck, and enjoy living the dream!

- Bryon