Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rauch Bock

Now for a beer style I've been longing one year to make. As you may already know, I love a deep smoke flavor in certain beers. Originally this was going to be a pale smoked lager with almost 50% rauchmalt. Then I massaged the recipe several times, and it became much bigger, and much darker. I had a good recipe going, and it was dipping into the bock category. While re-assuring myself with some recipes in Smoked Beers, I noticed it wasn't far from one listed in the book. So for this one, I've decided to simplify, and stay close to their recipe.

The all-grain mash will be a stepped infusion, with a protein rest to break up some proteins in the dark wheat. This rest, and the CaraFoam addition should provide the beer with a striking dense foam head. The saccharification rest will be held at 153°F. Unfortunately, we used the sacch-water (1.825 gal) at the beginning for the first protein rest infusion, and ended up with a thick dough-like ball. So we added hot liquor to finally end up with a thinner consistency at the high end of the protein rest range. In the end, we attained adequate temps for both rests. As you can see, in the picture we're raising our glasses (last bottle of 1 year Munich Dunkel) to celebrate the mash's end, and progression to a full wort boil. Thank you Matt for all your help.

With just one a ounce, 90min addition, the hop bitterness in the Smoked Scottish Ale 2 is just about perfect. It balanced the malts and higher FG, but it doesn't linger anywhere in the aftertaste. So for this smoky bock, I'll stick with a similar IBU level, and just give it a kiss of hop flavor in the finish. Vanguard is a US cross breed similar to Hallertau Mittlefruh.

Rauch Bock

6.50 lbs. German Pilsner Malt
3.75 lbs. German Dark Wheat 7.5L
3.00 lbs. German Rauchmalt
1.50 lbs. German CaraFoam
0.75 lbs. German CaraMunich 57L
0.31 lbs. German Roasted Wheat 413L

1.8 oz. Vanguard, 4.8%aa, pellet, 90min
.20 oz. Vanguard, 4.8%aa, pellet, 15min

Wyeast 2206 Bavarian Lager: Yeast cake

Brew Day Stats

Brewed: 1/27/08
Racked: 2/15/08
Bottled: 3/6/08

Water Adjustment: 1 tsp CaCl to mash waters

Protein Rest Temp/Time: 130°F/20min

H2O/Grain Ratio: approx. 1.27
Mash Ph: 5.6
Sacch. Rest Temp/Time: 151°F/1hr
Mash Out Temp/Time: 160°F/10min
1st Batch SG: 1.074

2nd Batch Sparge Vol/Temp: 3.75gal/198°F
2nd Batch Temp/Time: 171°F/15min
2nd Batch SG: n/a

Pre-Boil Vol: 7.5 gallons
Pre-Boil SG: 1.066
Boil Time: 1.5 hours
Post-Boil Vol: 5.85
Mash Efficiency: approx. 77%

OG: approx. 1.077
IBU: 28
Color/SRM: Rich Brown & Orange/21-25
Ferment Temp: 50°F

FG: 1.021
ABW: 5.9%
ABV: 7.35%

Cost: $34, .64¢/12oz., $3.84/6-pack

Tasting Notes & Photo
check back 2-3 months from post date

Appearance: Ruby brown, off white head, slight lacing
Aroma: Soft smoke aroma that mingles well with a rich malt sweetness, some brown sugar, hint of higher alcohol
Taste: Well balanced smokiness to malt ratio, sweet, just enough bitterness, some yeast quality almost doughy
Mouthfeel: Medium, good carbonation
Aftertaste: Clean
Drinkability: Very smooth and rich dark smoked bock style, goes well with most foods, very enjoyable and satisfying.


Travis said...

Nice! I am a huge fan of the of the bocks and this sounds great. Its awesome that you went authentic on all German malts. Good stuff!

Kevin LaVoy said...

Wow. You guys look so calm in that picture. It was right about that time on my brew day, that my buddy and I were dealing with 1 gallon of boiling wort shooting out of the top of the kettle all over the back porch. I mean, we were laughing. But not toasting.

Ted Danyluk said...

German malts are the way to go. I really like how they worked in my Czech Pils, and the color from the dark wheat for this Rauch Bock is simply amazing...deep orange/brown.

The mash could have been a nasty ordeal, but we managed to get through it just fine. The run off became very cloudy at times, and we had to sparge quite slow.

In that picture, we were waiting for the boil to get going, and Jimmy John subs arrived. See...we were very happy.

Later we did have a very small boil-up, but didn't loose anything, and got all the hop residue from the lid back into the wort. Boil-overs are awful. Yuck!

Kevin LaVoy said...

Did you just do another infusion after the protein rest, or did you do a decoction to get it up to the sacch temp?

Ted Danyluk said...

Kevin Lavoy,

I stuck with my step infusion plan. I suppose a decoction would have worked very well for this. Especially if we added the initial strike volume at a medium ratio of about 1-1.35 qt/lb. We ended up low on our Sacch rest (wanted 154*F), but I figured it would be fine. I think I'll do the decoction mash next time...or I should, say next year.

I'm planning a Quinoa Lager soon, but don't want to decoct the mash.