Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Draft Party for the Crew

A draft party for the crew, that Holly hosted, was a great success. Everyone really enjoyed the Sterling Pale Ale, and 4 gallons were polished off with no problem. It really is a beer that gets better and better as you drink it. Partly because as it warms up some, the flavors and aromas build.

There were a couple technical difficulties. First of all, I forgot my bag of gear. And with that I didn't have a 4th line-out ball-lock connector. This was a pain, because borrowing a party tap from the other two leaking kegs resulted in a continuous dribble of beer. And 5 gallons of Ordinary Bitter was completely plugged up by some loose keg hops.

My friends over at TJ's, don't get many opportunities to try my beers, so it was cool brewing and offering up a special brew to them. It was so darn good, the Sterling Pale Ale may become an annual Springtime/Summertime ale.

Lastly I want to say thanks to Holly for hosting this keg tapping event. Her private courtyard is a perfect place for this kind of gathering. Thanks to Sarah for taking awesome photos. And thanks to everyone who made it out on such a busy day for events in the Windy City.


Jason said...

Sounds like a good time. I have a question on kegging. I kegged my first bacth a few weeks ago. I don't have the co set up, so I used priming sugars to carbonate the keg. I have the ball lock quick disconnects for both the gas in (which I'll use the hand pumped CO2 cartidges) and beverage out. My question is, how snug do the quick disconnects have to be? I have the in place and they are snug, but I can pull them off without having to pull the bottom latch. I assume that's not tight enough. Any help would be great! You can post it here, or email me. Faulconerbrewing@gmail.com


Jason said...

Apparently I just need to lift some weights or something. I tried it again last night, and they click in nice and snug. Oh well...Onwards!