Sunday, August 17, 2008

Five Flavored Beers

After brewing and racking a five gallon batch of basic pale ale, it came time to add natural flavorings into five separate 1 gallon jugs. I've been wanting to play around with come combinations of flavors, and this method was really the best approach.

If you've ever had a hot pepper/chili beer, you probably loved it...right? Well I love them, and one of the best came from Twisted Pine Brewing out of Boulder, Co. It's called Billy’s Chilies, an excellent beer made with fresh anaheim, fresno, serrano, jalapeno and habanero pepper. So satisfying, I knew I had to and brew one. Mine will be made with 3 peppers (ancho, serrano & jalepano), that I hope will blend together interestingly.

My herbal Fresh Sage Ale was very tasty. The aroma of this herb jumps right out, and has a similar effect on the senses as dry hops. Here I will add a touch more, with an addition of wildflower honey.

Another herbal aroma I'll play with is basil. Every green thumbed person I know seems to be growing it this year, and they all are offered their herbs for this brew. I'll keep it local, and go with a handful of leaves from my next door neighbor...thanks Chad. This beer will also get a touch of honey, but clover, to see if there is any difference.

A long time ago I fell upon an herbal tea that's unlike any other. Orange Ginger Mint, by the Republic of Tea. The aromas and flavors are so unique, satisfying and calming. I've been curious about trying this combo of flavoring in beer for quite a while too.

Lastly, I thought I'd try a fruit based flavoring. Here it will be raspberry mint. I really liked the mint in my one gallon Mint Stout, so we'll see if this turns out good too.

That's it in a nutshell. I thought this was the perfect chance to use up some old ingredients. Also, I expect the secondary durations to vary among the beers (honey beers may ferment, & the chilies only a short time). Below is the base beer recipe, brewday stats, and individual secondary flavor additions. Please check out the full list of one gallon batches here.

Base All-Grain Pale Ale Recipe

9.4 lbs. Organic 2-Row
.20 lbs. Belgian Biscuit
.34 lbs. CaraMunich III 57L
.22 lbs. Am Crystal 20L
.19 lbs. UK Crystal 45L
.25 lbs. Melanoidin Malt
.75 lbs. CaraFoam

.65 oz. Cluster, 7.9%, pellet, 70min
.55 oz. Glacier, 6%, pellet, 70min
.35 oz. Cluster, 7.9%, pellet, 10min
.50 oz. Mt. Hood, 5.2%, pellet, 10min

Wyeast 1056: American Ale decanted starter

Brew Day Stats

Brewed: 8/1/08
Racked: 8/11/08
Racked to jugs: 8/15/08
Bottled: see listing below

Water Adjustment:
Strike: 1 tsp Gypsum, .75 tsp Acid Blend, .25 tsp CaCl
2nd Sparge: .5 tsp Gypsum, .25 tsp Epsom, .25 tsp CaCl

H2O/Grain Ratio: 1.3 qt/lb
Mash Ph: 5.4
Sacch. Rest Temp/Time: 151°F/60min
Mash Out Temp/Time: 167°F/10min
1st Batch Vol/SG: 2.8gal/1.055

2nd Batch Sparge Vol/H2OTemp/MashTemp: 3.4gal/180°F/168°F
2nd Batch Vol/SG: 3.45gal/1.024

Pre-Boil Vol: 7.25gal
Pre-Boil SG: 1.041
Boil Time: 90min
Post-Boil Vol: 6.25

OG: approx. 1.051
IBU: 34
Color/SRM: Gold-Amber/8
Ferment Temp: 174°F

Five Flavored Beers

1. Honey Basil
1 oz. fresh basil sliced
8 oz. clover honey
Bottled: 10/6/08

2. Honey Sage
1 oz. fresh sage sliced
8 oz. wildflower honey
Bottled: 10/6/08

3. Raspberry Mint
16 oz. fresh raspberries quick hot water steep & crushed
.5 oz. fresh spearmint sliced
Bottled: 8/29/08

4. Orange Ginger Mint
half an orange rind
1 oz. candied ginger sliced
.25 oz. fresh spearmint sliced
.125 tsp. dried peppermint
Bottled: 9/11/08

5. Hot Pepper
1 dried ancho chili steeped in hot water & sliced
.25 tsp. black peppercorn crushed
1 sliver serrano pepper in 2 bottles
Bottled: 8/31/08


Anonymous said...

Very interesting flavors! I am dying to try out the hot pepper beer. I look forward to see how it turns out.

Jesse • Julie • Abby • Louie said...

Awesome idea to do 5 treatments out of a 5 gallon brew. You've got some interesting flavors going on here - the Orange Ginger Mint sounds especially good to me.

Your photography is excellent, btw! Really adds a lot to the blog.


Devon Cunnignham said...

hey ted, its devon,
just tried your orange-ginger on1/5/09, i found it to still taste very fresh and enjoyable. it is very upfront and resiny in its spices and actually seemed almost medicinal in its quality (in a good way). thanks for sharing!

Enjoy! said...

Hey I came across you blog when I was searching to see if any one else had tried to infuse a basil flavor into their beer. I have one fermenting now and was curious how yours turned out or of there is anything you would have done differently with it. Your blog is great! I have been searching through for some ideas and really like some of the stuff you have done, great to see people taking risks!