Saturday, August 9, 2008

Nut Brown Ale 2

Last year's T&C Nut Brown Ale was a very good session style beer. It had great malt/hop balance and an overall mild toasty brown ale taste. It was so satisfying, I've wanted to brew a bigger version ever since. And now, I think I've done it.

Here is a Nut Brown Ale that will be super saturated in deep shades of brown. Increasing both the gravity, and the mash temp should boost the residual sweet flavors. The generous portion of crystal malts should provide a fair amount of sweetness. This time, I got some Special Roast, which replaces about half the Victory malt in the original recipe. Can't wait to see how this malt will change the toasty character. While mashing, it did have a light roasted scent. The Chocolate malt was doubled to give it a super deep color, and a richer chocolate/roast flavor.

Bittering units are kept moderately low, just enough to balance the beer on the sweeter side. I also wanted to try a slight hop aroma with a small knock-out addition.

Boiling this dark wort was a pure delight. There was definitely a complex malt aroma evaporating and filling our kitchen. Each character malt in the recipe is added generously, and I hope the finished beer also takes on a varied malt complexity. Already, during fermentation, the aroma is quite good.

Nut Brown Ale 2

8.6 lbs. Organic 2-Row
.75 lbs. American Crystal 40L
.49 lbs. British Crystal 82L
.60 lbs. Victory
.55 lbs. Special Roast
.65 lbs. British Chocolate
.60 lbs. Carapils

1.0 oz. Glacier, 7.4%, pellet, 60min
.70 oz. Challenger, 6.3%, pellet, 10min
.40 oz. Challenger, 6.3%, pellet, KO

Wyeast 1098: British Ale 1qt starter

Brew Day Stats

Brewed: 8/8/08
Racked: just primary
Bottled: 8/21/08

Water Adjustment:
Strike: 1 tsp CaCl, .75 tsp Acid Blend
2nd Sparge: .5 tsp Gypsum

H2O/Grain Ratio: 1.3 qt/lb
Mash Ph: 5.3
Sacch. Rest Temp/Time: 156°F/80min
Mash Out Temp/Time: 163°F/10min
1st Batch SG: 1.060

2nd Batch Sparge Vol/H2OTemp/MashTemp: 3.58gal/186°F/172°F
2nd Batch SG: 1.021

Pre-Boil Vol: 7.25 gallons
Pre-Boil SG: 1.040
Boil Time: 75min
Post-Boil Vol: 6 gallons
Mash Efficiency: approx. 70%

OG: 1.052
IBU: 29
Color/SRM: dark brown/28
Ferment Temp: 75°F

FG: 1.016
ABW: 3.8%
ABV: 4.7%


Jesse • Julie • Abby • Louie said...

Sounds like a complex malty monster of a brown ale! Looking forward to reading how it turns out.


Ted Danyluk said...


I hope it is bigger and malty with some complexities. Never used Special Roast before.

Return back to this post to see the results. Sometimes I'm a little slow at writing a review and posting mugshots, but I usually return to the original post to "add" that info in shaded text boxes.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I know you're part Greek, but I didn't know you were so fluent in it.

Kevin LaVoy said...

That is a nice looking beer. I did my Brown Ale yesterday, and it was fun watching that dark wort boiling. I'll be writing mine up today. We had a pretty similar malt bill, although you threw in a few extras. It should be fun to taste them side by side.