Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Old Rat Bite - tasting

Old Rat Bite is the name of a blended beer I made with my aging Blended Old Ale/Stock Ale, and the Rat Bite IPA. Since this stock ale is quite flavorful, not much is needed to enhance the flavor of other beers as blended versions. Tonight I tried a blend that is about half and half. And since both beers are bold, it's a fairly balanced profile. Really interesting.

There is still a good hop aroma, but the hop flavor is much more subdued. I like that there is a slight brett scent in there too. The old ale has cut out some bittering as well, and there is a definite presence of soft oxidation, which isn't unwelcome.

Overall, it's a potent beer, but has a lightness to it. As for malts, it is not as sweet, more dry and has a very English Bitter quality with some biscuit aftertaste. It tastes old, almost stale. There is a slight metallic after-taste as well.

I like it. Very unique. It's interesting how both beers sort of cancel out each others highlights, and the beer is left with less complexities. This stock ale is coming in handy. I hope to always have some on hand for blends like this.

After racking some out, there is a larger head-space in the stock ale fermenter. My suspicion is that it will get more and more oxidized, but hopefully not to the point where it's undrinkable.


Kevin LaVoy said...

I was actually just reading something about headspace in aged beers this morning. It basically stated that too much head space over too long a time causes it to turn to vinegar. I wonder if purging the carboy with CO2 once every couple of weeks might to the trick?

Ted Danyluk said...

Good thinking. I'll taste a sample soon, and then try your idea. I like it, and it can easily be done with one of those orange carboy caps with two holes.

Thanks Kevin.