Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too Many Good Beers

I'd love to list every beer I tried while visiting the Northwest for 10 days. I tried keeping a list, but they kept adding up faster than I could write. There were simply too many good brews to try. Most of the beers I tried tended to be hoppy pale ales, and most of them were quite good.

Didn't make it out to the Hair of the Dog brewery, but I did get to drink their Imperial IPA on tap, and it's fantastic. I also shared a bottle of "Adam" with my friends in Portland, and everyone really liked it.

Strangely, I did get out to Rogue's distillery more than once. It was the first place we ate at in Portland, and it was good. I had a flight of beers with some I've never heard of before. And of all the ones bottled here in Chicago, these tasted dramatically fresher at the source on draft. Since my brother had a birthday the next day, he received a complimentary liter with the beer of his choice, and a free t-shirt, which explains the second visit. Pretty cool. Also, their Spruce Gin rocks!

The Northwest, especially Portland, is really a great place for beer lovers. Every time I go there I'm more educated about beer styles in general, and find it to be a better experience because of this. There really are too many good beers out there, and it takes many trips to get close to knowing what the great Northwest has to offer.

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