Friday, September 12, 2008

Visiting the Northwest

I'll be on vacation with my family out in the Northwest. We will fly into Seattle and stay with my brother and his wife for the first weekend. Then, head down to Portland for a few days while my wife attends a conference. There, we'll hang out with a couple of my closest friends. On our way back to Seattle, we'll stay in Olympic National Forestland for a couple more days. Then back to Seattle for the second weekend.

Among various family and friendly activities, I'm looking forward to tasting the best of the Northwest in food and beer.

After you've been to a number of breweries, doesn't the appeal wear off just a little bit? Some has for me. I guess it's cool to see where your favorite beers are made. Plus, there is a very slim chance you can meet the brewer or owners. But sometimes it takes a long time to get to the brewery, and then going through the tour...this doesn't make for a great family activity.

I'm much more interested in visiting the best bars for local/seasonal beers. These places sometimes have the best atmosphere, especially around the end of the work day, when regulars file in. Plus, their patrons know more about all the beer in the territory, and what's good on tap. I'm also interested in picking up brews from the better beer stores, and bringing it back to our friend's house.

There is one brewery I'd like to visit, cause it's small, bare-bones set-up is kind-of crazy looking. Hair of the Dog brewery really caught my eye on the American Beer video. I tried to try, I think it was their "Ruth," while on the road in Boston, but upon opening the bottle, it was all foam flowing out and onto the table. I look forward to an honest and true serving of their beers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ted,

I've been a reader of yours for a few months now and was happy to have found your blog. My boyfriend just picked up brewing about a year ago and although I usually just help out with minor tasks when we brew, I've read a lot (plus your blog is a great source of information!) and now I'm about to embark on my own brewing journey so I can prepare a beer good enough to enter into our local brew competition.

Anyway, I thought it was funny that you will be in Seattle soon. When? My boyfriend and I will be in Seattle/Vancouver area on the 18-25 and have been on the lookout for good brewpubs. If you want to go out for a brew with Joe and I, just let us know. We love to talk beer! Or if you find a nice pub, let us know!

Anonymous said...

Bro...make sure to visit the Powerhouse Brewery in's awesome.

Great food and fantastic brew...I go out of my way to visit that place every time I hit the Seattle area.


Ted Danyluk said...

Taryn, Sorry I did not get in touch. It would have been cool to meet up. Our plans were sort of up in the air. Maybe there will be another opportunity in the future. If you are ever headed to Chicago, let me know. There are a number of great pubs here, and more breweries popping up. I'd like to get in touch, and talk beer anyways.

Josh, didn't get to go to Powerhouse.

Allergies turned into a cold, and my cold rubbed off on our daughter. Though I still tried brews here and there and almost everywhere, not being able to smell them made the experience half as good.