Friday, October 31, 2008

2 Beers by Bearded Brewing

I've had the pleasure to taste 6 beers created by Bearded Brewing in Minneapolis, MN. We've been talking about swapping for several weeks...if not a month or two. He's definitely an experimental brewer putting signature ingredients into many of his creations. He also holds a consistent level of environmental responsibility in his craft as well. We both seem to share these traits, and it should be interesting to taste what we've only been reading about over the past year.

I was impressed first of all by receiving a MASSIVE box, but partly saddened to only find 6 brews in there. You could have fit lots more! After digging, and digging through a ton of packaging popcorn, I finally found them all tightly wrapped. I was impressed by the look of all the bottles, and as you can see, they all have carefully designed labels. Very attractive first impression.

The first two beers I tried are his El Muerto and El Jeffe. Quality and delicacy was brewed into these, and both were very balanced and super drinkable. My impressions are written below.

Please read about 2 more of his Belgian styles here.

El Muerto

Appearance: Softly hazed amber color, with a lasting dense off-white head
Aroma: Full yet soft scent with a perfect balance of citrusy hops, malt sweetness, spiciness
Taste: A wonderful accentuation of all the aromas, a full yet soft flavor that is balanced nicely with spices are very Belgian in character yet no spices or Belgian yeast were used (could it be the hops I'm not familiar with?), clean with smooth malt finish, slight oxidation isn't overwhelming but in there
Mouthfeel: medium-light, strong carbonation
Aftertaste: Balanced bitterness does play through into the after taste and adds to the overall experience, again a small amount of oxidation comes out with belches
Drinkability: The tastes in this beer are excellent and makes if a satisfying and session style beer, with lower carbonation it would also go down much easier, shortening the time it takes to pour another
Overall Impression: I emphasize soft and balanced because its not common to taste a home brewed ale that has so much aroma and flavor while being completely balanced in a very soft sort of way. Nothing is out of place except the level of carbonation, and I could even see this being an excellent beer served in the cask tradition.

El Jefe

Appearance: Golden, hazy, good head fades quickly
Aroma: Fruity sweet aroma with hint of spices, a bit of bubblegum, no hops, clean
Taste: Sweet soft fruity flavors supported by light spice, (cinnamon, clove, pepper, coriander), bubblegum, balanced bitterness on the sweet side but clean enough to make it extremely drinkable, no hop flavor
Mouthfeel: Light bodied, good carbonation
Aftertaste: Clean, light spice on the tongue
Drinkability: Extremely drinkable light summer style beer with a touch of spices that sway in the fields of both Belgian and Wiess in quality

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