Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Lager Tasting

My siblings were in town this past weekend, and it was great to spend time again as a whole family. This is becoming a rare event for us, because we're increasingly spread out (Charles & Ali on the West coast, and Lauren & Doug in Sweden). We've taken advantage of our time with full days of eating great local food, driving around town, and late nights talking and having fun. It honestly feels like I haven't slept in a week, but its all worth it.

Friday we went on a triple date and spent the evening at Fright Fest at Six Flags. This was really fun, but unfortunately there weren't any costumed ghosts, ghouls & goblins jumping out of the bushes to scare us. We got to ride every coaster once with some smaller rides in between. I'm very impressed with their new ride The Dark Night (should be called The Joker's Subway to Hell), because it's fast and crazy with many 4-person cars on the track whizzing around at the same time! This time around, the Giant Drop wasn't so scary, and I think this is because at night, I had a difficult time sensing & feeling my fear of heights (couldn't focus on things on the ground or see the horizon and distant landscape). Still it was great!

Charles had lots of my beer the whole weekend, and freely helped himself to half pints from the kegs (Nut brown, Porter & Tripel). We also blended freshly pulled espresso into a schooner of Robust Porter, which was excellent! I value this time of sharing my homebrew with him.

Sunday night my whole family was together for an Italian beef sandwich dinner. After dinner and dessert settled, I opened some aged bottles of my Copper lagers. We had a pretty good tasting, even though they lost a lot of flavor and aroma over the year(s). The Citrus Lager was very citrusy while fresh, but still hung on to some of it in the nose and flavor. Out of all the old lagers, the Dry-hoppped Lager did have more flavor stability, perhaps from the preservative effects of another addition of hops? The caps indicate the beers poured that night (Golden Lager/Copper Lager 1, Citrus Lager, Dry-hopped Lager, Copper Lager 2, Raspberry Mint Ale, Hard Cider)

Ali enjoyed the Hard Cider brewed by Travis. It was very tasty. It had great apple aroma, with a dry and slightly tart taste of apple and pear. Just the way I like it. With high carbonation, it also was very champagne-like. It was a bottle I've kept around for quite some time. Thanks Travis.

That's about it for this post. Looking forward to brewing an Imperial Stout next week. And, my Dad and I have bought wood for building a chest freezer kegerator decorative collar. So stay tuned for a post with photos on that project soon.

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