Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finding a Home for Kegs

For the greater part of the Spring and Summer months, my kegs were kept cool in an old refrigerator in the basement. It's an "emergency frig" for temporary occupancy by any condo owner who needs it. After enough time had passed, the condo board finally gave me an ultimatum. Get those kegs out by the end of September, or pay $1 a day until they are removed! Yikes!

Without hesitation, I finally purchased a chest freezer to accommodate what has become a continuous rotation of half filled corny kegs. I wanted to find a used one, but the time and hassle of getting one through various classifieds wasn't panning out well. Since the cost of a new one, with free delivery, wasn't much more, I went ahead and ordered an 8.8 cubic foot Frigidaire.

Needing a way to easily control the temperature inside, I also ordered a Johnson digital unit, especially because the probe and chord are both the same diameter, making the hole much smaller and precise.

So, everything was delivered just in time to beat the ultimatum date, and it's all working fine so far. Not having to run to the basement for a pint is also extremely convenient, especially when pouring a few for my friends.

This is evolving into a bigger project though. With the help of my Dad and his basement wood work shop, we are building a very attractive collar and paneling in which all the holes for taps, gas and temp probe will be drilled. And for the time being, my TJ's friend is lending a couple chrome faucets and shanks till I find some for my own.

I've taken a few photos already. I look forward to posting updates on this project. It will probably take a few more visits to the shop to finish the building of the collar.

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Jason said...

Ultimatums are never fun. I just got a pretty large and very old chest freezer from an old neighbor that is sitting in my basement. the problem is, since it's so old it will probabably cost me an arm and leg to run it full time, and I have place other than my basement to store it.

There is a cool basement brewery in Ohio called the Boathouse Brewery, They were able to use the chest freezer and have the taps come through without having to break the gasket or drill into the fridge. Check out the pictures.,

As you can see in the second picture, they used some foam one-sided tape to raise the gasket seal and allow the tap tubes to come through. very cool, and I have a friend who has seen it up close in person and said it works very well.

Good luck with the project.


Adam said...

Put up pictures! Sometimes its nice to have ultimatums. I think I could use one right now. I've been working (or thinking) on a freezeratore for over a year. Here are some resources if you need em...

Kegerators Resources

Ted Danyluk said...

You know, I think I needed the push to get me onto my own equipment. It's just a purchase I was reluctant to pay out.

The Boathouse setup is super nice. A lot of money wrapped up in it. My collar will look a lot nicer though...just wait until you see it.

Adam, the first photos are on my Dad's camera, so I wasn't able to get those up. Besides, they are just shots of the stock wood, so nothing really interesting yet. Relax, have a homebrew, and just wait a little bit longer to see some in-progress shots.