Friday, October 24, 2008

Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day @ LHBS

Two years in a row I've hosted this fun event, encouraged by the American Homebrewer's Association (AHA). I've had friends come over as well as new acquaintances. But this year, I'm gonna pass. Instead I'll try to join in the last couple hours of this event hosted by our LHBS...the Brew & Grow. It should be a fun time with the Larry, Dave and the rest of the folks over there. They have a nice tiered setup, and hopefully they'll do an all-grain batch. Anyways...hope to see you there. Details below...

Also, Larry has worked pretty hard to get some new malts for us to brew with. A bunch of English crystals malts. Some German Munich. And now some German Carafa I, II & III. What does this mean? We can now brew some more authentic English ales and German/European lagers/ales. So check it out.

What: National Teach a Friend to Home Brew Day

Where: Brew and Grow @ 1824 N. Besly Court (Off Courtland between Ashland & Elston)

When: Saturday, November 1st @ 12:00PM-5:00ish

Why: Because Home Brewing's Cool!

Who: Current Home Brewers and those who always wanted to home brew, but need a reason to start


Anonymous said...

Just a general post from a fellow brewer. I have enjoyed your blog very much. I have learned a lot. So Keep up to good work and thanks for sharing your ideas and beer with the rest of the world. I especially enjoy your 1 gallon batches. I'm going to try some soon, especially your stouts. I do have one question, how do you design and make your beer labels?


Eric Vincill
Madison, WI

Ted Danyluk said...


My brother has helped design a few labels, and not all of them have been put on bottles. I don't design them really, nor stick them on bottles. For the most part, I prefer homebrew labels that somehow hang around the neck of a bottle. The dog tag style works great, and I just print out the tag, paste it on cardstock/cardboard and then string through some twine.

Majority of the time, I'll just sharpie the cap.

The Bearded Brewer has gotten quite involved with designing, printing and labeling his bottles. I like them, cause the labels also come off really easy. Check them out at

Anonymous said...

Dog tags? I think I like that idea. It doesn't muck the bottle up with glue and you can still print one for display. I'll try that.


Madison, WI