Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Couple More Bearded Brews

A couple more bodacious brews by the Bearded Brewer. I found some time here and there to enjoy them without any obstructions of urgency or priority. Sitting quietly and alone with these beers was very nice in deed.

Belgian beers have a lot of character. The aromas usually bursts right out of the glass, and their flavors are quite complex. The Burning Beard Belgian ale exemplifies this, and has a mysteriously unique quality that could be coming from some late hops. Sometimes a special Belgian Wit is more delicate, and the Bangy Tangy seems to offer that.

It's very easy to get carried away when compiling ingredients to make a solid recipe. Often times home brewed beers have outstanding flavors, and sometimes flaws, reaching out of bounds in balance and perfection. The Bearded Brewer doesn't do this, and seems to have attained great self control to the point of pure balance.

I'm under the impression that his water supply also aids in an overall soft profile in what have been very delicate tasting beers so far. Four out of six beers have been very satisfying. With only two more to go, I'm partly excited to try them, and saddened it'll be the end of the 6-pack.

Please read about the 1st two here.

Bangy Tangy

Appearance: A cloudy pale orange copper color with a full and dense white head that lasts and leaves traces of lace down the glass
Aroma: Citrus, fruity (orange, apricot), yeasty, some spiciness (coriander), and overall smells more tart than sweet.
Taste: The taste is more subtle than the aroma, just enough ingredients to support a beer on the brink of uni-dimensionalism
Mouthfeel: Light bodied, good carbonation
Aftertaste: Some lager-like pils/6-row malt flavor comes through in the finish is interesting and adds depth, mild tartness
Drinkability: Light refreshing sweet taste that makes a very drinkable beer
Overall: Surprising its 6.3%, cause it doesn't taste or feel like it.

Burning Beard

Appearance: Pours a lightly hazed deep burnt orange color with a strong and full tightly knit head that's white with a touch of pink
Aroma: Big fruity aroma that's completely inviting, some noble/floral hops (perhaps marmalade) present a hint of citrus, a warming vanilla tone and very mild spice, some yeasty scents and some alcohol especially when swirled
Taste: I get 3 layers of taste...Spicy & alcohol flavors upfront lends to fruits like currants, apricot, mango and vanilla with a big and clean malt finish, very full flavored that's balanced nicely by bittering hops
Mouthfeel: Long lasting malt finish that's somewhat uncommon in my experience of home brewed ales (it's fantastic to know it's possible...I hope I can learn your secret!), a tartness in the very end
Aftertaste: Medium-full, full carbonation
Drinkability: Carbonation and alcohol perception on top of a full flavored ale makes it a good sipping style beer, it's "savory" and I could see it served before and then again at dinner pairing well with fuller flavored meat dishes and even creamy dishes
Overall: Exceptionally bold and full flavored while perfectly balanced. Well done!

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