Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Final 2 Bearded Brews

The Bearded Brewer makes fantastic beer. He definitely has a sense of balance. I get the sense that he knows how to pull back on the hops enough to allow the right amount of malt character to come through.

The final two beers were the sweetest and most bitter of the bunch. Though it was very cold yesterday, the sun was shining bright, so I took advantage of the light and sampled these beers while getting good snap shots. The Erie Stout is quite sweet and has a wonderful appearance. Green Beard IPA is really a well balanced American IPA style.

This has been a fun trade, and I feel fortunate having the opportunity to try out these beers. After tasting all six, it has been a valuable lesson in terms of malt profile and overall balance. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

Read about the first two here, and the second two here.

Onto the final 2 reviews...

Irie Stout
Imperial Caribbean Stout

Appearance: A deep saturated ruby red color that appears amolst black in a wide glass, light tan dense head hangs around with some light and lacing
Aroma: A rich aroma of currants and plum, its sweet much like a very dark bock or Baltic porter, clean, some cocoa as it warms
Taste: Sweet cherries, bock style sweetness, very subtle spice, light in hop bitterness, soft malt finish, some cocoa as it warms
Mouthfeel: Medium body, good moderate level of carbonation
Aftertaste: Clean, slightly tart
Drinkability: Good, clean
Overall A sweet style that fits nicely with the current season and would compliment most cold season foods. A bit sweet for my taste, and from the label, I'd expect more complexity than it has, mostly the areas of spice and roast malts.

Green Beard Organic IPA

Appearance: Very attractive pale ale, clear, not much of a head but does show off a good ring of fine bubbles around the glass edge, with little lacing
Aroma: Solid citrus hop aroma, not too pungent nor sharp, but softer with some fruit (apricot, mango, pineapple) and sweetness coming through
Taste: Hops are the focus here with a good balance between bitterness & flavorhops, citrus with some pine notes, not overdone so that malt sweetness comes through to balance the beer even further
Mouthfeel: medium body, nice medium-low carbonation
Aftertaste: Bitterness like you want in a good American IPA, and definitely not too sharp or dominating, minimal oxidized flavors
Drinkability: Great!
Overall High quality IPA, especially cause its ORGANIC! Slight oxidation possibly from dry hopping, but doesn't detract from overall great taste. I'd definitely buy 6-packs of these, and go through them in an evening. Good job!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ted,
I got your Blog site from The Bearded Brewer.
I'm a home brewer in TN. Thought I'd check out your site. How is it working for a brewery? If my line of work doesn't do better I may change. LOL
Come check me out sometime.

– Jon Brooks