Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kegerator Collar - part 2

To begin cutting the outer face panel boards for this collar, we had to set up the radial saw perfectly square. After that, we needed a blade that cuts wood like butter. I'm so glad we waited to cut these 11 inch miter joins after the equipment was adjusted and blade sharpened. The joints are square, very sharp to the touch and clean with no burrs.

This photo shows what it will look like from the inside when it's all assembled. Notice the outer face boards are about twice the height of the core.

To mount the lid properly, two notches were cut into the back paneling. This allows the lid's hinge to mount directly on the inner core board. The outer side of the core board falls about 1/8inch beyond the freezer wall, so the lid will be displaced by that amount towards the rear. It's significant enough for my Dad and I to notice, but for the untrained eye (especially after a pint or two), its hardly noticeable. I'll revisit this "off-center" lid dilemma in the next post when installing the top trim piece.

We've come to mounting the first outer face panels, and it was just as tricky as I thought. But we managed to get them close to perfect. I'll wait until the following post to talk about it with more pictures.

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Adam said...

:-) Nice to see the progress continue. I'll have to add this series to my kegerator resources page.

Ted Danyluk said...


A great resource it is. Be my guest. I appreciate that. My project seems a bit too advanced for even me. I'm happy my Dad is helping, cause without his skills and tools, I could not have built this design. I hope it is interesting, and perhaps helpful for others to see.

You could simply link to the first page of the series, cause I link to all the other pages in each post. Thanks a lot.

Adam said...

Always nice to have qualified help :-)

I have linked to the first page.

You are most welcome.

Travis said...

It's awesome that you are doing this. I am jonesing to do another beer building project! I like the collar that you are doing with the overhang, that's a great idea.

Ted Danyluk said...


Thanks. I don't remember when I thought of this design. But I think it is a combination of imitating the look in the home built bar at my parents house (I will shoot photos of that to show where this concept came from), and doing something a little more "pub-like" verses the usual one piece cedar collar that's simple and popular in the world of home made chest freezer kegerators. I can't wait to see it all put together, and show you the photos.

Let me know if you ever swing through Chicago, cause I'd love to return the favor, and pour you a pint. Thanks again for having me and my band mates over for some samples, that was great.