Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kegerator Collar - part 4

Upon putting the lid in position, I noticed a mistake. The entire inside flanged edge of the seal isn't sitting on the top trim piece. For some reason I measured the seal's thickness (½inch) as the dimension for it's width (7/8inch). It forms a partial seal, but I plan to put on another layer of trim to create a full seal.

Before the Thanksgiving holiday, I won two vintage faucets on Ebay, and being the second person to bid, I scored them for a steal...only $23.50 each. I've been searching on Ebay for vintage faucets for most of the year, and saw some nice ones early on. When these popped up, I knew I had to have them, and was willing to pay for it. They look brilliant & weigh a ton.

However, a big downside is they leak in 3 places, and their seal mechanism is a mystery to anyone who looks at it. I figure it will take a while before the are fully functional. They are quite large overall, pretty wide, stick out more, and the bottom of the spout is set lower. I took all of this into consideration when drilling the first two shank holes. If they don't work out, the spacing is for three regular faucets so another one could easily be installed in-between.

These temporary chrome faucets are loaners from a friend who once had a kegerator for commercial beers back in Arizona. He's in the process of getting another one, so I can use these until then. Thanks Isaac, I appreciate your generosity.

What you see here is a functional kegerator, and assembled just in time for our annual New Year's party. The lid was mounted with only 2 screws per hinge because I'll have to drill new ones when the top trim is fixed. The temperature control probe hole was drilled inside the hing cutout. And you can see an unfinished tap handle made by my good friend Erik, which will be sanded smooth and painted.

I have some final decorative elements to put on like a special bottom trim, and a unique home made drip tray. Perhaps some tap handles too. This will be written in the Finale post.

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Travis said...

Those faucets are pretty freaking sweet. I'm not sure how they work, but they're cool as hell.

Great work. This is a first class project you have put together. Best of luck with the vintage faucets. You may have to use your imagination on getting them to work.

Ted Danyluk said...

Travis, thanks man.

They're in pretty good condition except for their worn seals. They have two discs that, as they are turned, the faucet runs. They work, but when the handles are turned back, they leak while under pressure.

It seems like these are an extremely "regional" product, and I wish there was a makers mark on them. They came from an estate sale in Florida. And I could easily imagine they were used in the parlor of an old mansion where a beer lover once lived.

I think I will write into a bunch of forums with photos or a link to this page, and see if anyone has answers.

At this point I think I'll try to insert a very thin plastic disc to fit in between the two seal discs. Then I have to worry about the two other leaks.

Travis said...

Those are good ideas. Take lots of good pictures and post them up. It's amazing what you'll get back from people.

Kevin LaVoy said...

There must be someone who is still manufacturing parts or whatever for these things because if you look in the lower right corner of this picture:

I'd say those look pretty familiar. That is a pic from a cyclocross race in Belgium. Maybe try and get in touch with a Belgian beer blogger or something. I'll post something on the forum that I read, and see if anyone responds. That forum has people doing just about anything you can imagine beer wise, including making their own stainless steel conicals, so I'm guessing someone has seen them before.