Friday, January 30, 2009

Fermentation Friday - 1/09 - Brew Year Resolutions

I've been reading many of these Fermentation Friday posts over the past year. They really are a wonderful way to see where our fellow brewer/bloggers around the country/world are coming from in their brew-lives. Last year seemed too hectic to participate, but this year I am shifting my attention from brewing to more meaningful connections in just about every area of my life.

The range of topics has been fun and interesting. For those visiting, who don't know about these special group postings, please visit lootcorp 3.0, this months host for a description, and this month's theme..."Brew Year Resolutions for 2009."

This is my first time chiming in here, and it is the first one on my list...

Brew Year Resolutions - 2009

1. Participate in Fermentation Friday Postings
2. Host a Fermentation Friday
3. Increase awareness of my initiated Northside Homebrewers Connection
4. Brew better English Bitters and Scottish Ales
5. Attempt my first Wheat beers
6. Host more tastings, contract brews and pub style socials
7. Finish kegerator, restore vintage faucets, finish hand made tap handles
8. Build wooden pub games


Adam said...

I can help you with #2. I'll even let you forgo the 10 page application ;-)

Barth said...

I'm a Rogers Park brewer in search of a local club...looking forward to more info on the Northside Homebrewers Connection.

Thanks for the great blog.


marcus said...

I'm interested in your to see your vintage kegerator when its done, or during its construction. I like the idea. What kind of wooden pub games are you interested in building?

Ted Danyluk said...

Adam, Cool. Let me know when & how it works. Cheers.

Barth, Thanks. I will be posting an introduction of the NHC soon. It would be great to have you and anyone else who is interested in brewing & drinking/tasting home brewed beer.

Marcus, The kegerator itself is a new product. I've been writing about it in several posts. The faucets, however, are vintage and need a lot of work to be fully functional again. It night come down to pouring & drilling new beeswax seals. I will be posting about them soon to see what kind of insightful feedback may come in.

There are several games I'm building. I've been searching around for vintage games like pachinko and other "ball" related games. I'm looking forward to reusing old wood. I should get around to posting about them in due time. Cheers.

Adam said...

You're added to the schedule in May.

Announce your topic soon after the Fermentation Friday of April. Let me know when you do so I can announce it too. Everybody posts when you tell them to. Usually Friday, but, could be any time really. That's up to you. Soon after its over post a recap.

Don't feel constrained. Feel free to add your own personal style.

Adam said...

Thank you :-)