Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration Libations

My friends over at the Brew & Grow are once again offering up a handful of killer brews to taste, and in perfect time to celebrate the importance of the day. It's history in the making and it just feels right holding up high a drink in honor of the occasion. I'll be there with my brother and a couple close friends, sampling some aged homebrews and the Half Acre Over Ale on draught. The Small Bar has really become one of my non-local favorite spots to have fantastic beers with friendly service. Swing by if you're in the area or don't have anything else going on. Peace.

Tasters Union Event Info

The Tasters Union will be meeting once again to celebrate the great beverage of beer and... provide real material for throwing off the binding chains of the average and everyday. Change has come....and can we say it all together now? Yes, we can!

Beers for breaking the shackles and capable of bearing the righteous struggle against oppression will be: American IPA, Wood and Scotch aged Scotch Ale, Wood and Bourbon aged Belgian Dubbel, German Pilsner and a long lagered Baltic Porter.

Rejoice for the Defeat of evil is nigh! We have seized the means of production and the struggle for liberation begins:

7:00 PM on January 20th!

@ SmallBar!

Located: 2049 W. Division Street nearly one block west of Damen!

Hope to see you all there,

Larry and David, your humble hosts for smashing the reactionary forces of the potable.

Tasting Notes

It was a very good round of beers. My brother & I started out by sharing our first round. The Wood & Bourbon Aged Belgian Dubbel had a nice bourbon edge to a good Dubbel base brew. The Baltic Porter was very nice, it had a good alcohol presence with a rich sweetness and a bit heartier mouthfeel. The IPA was also very good with just the right amount of bitterness and loads of hops in the nose. The German Pils was also clean and hoppy.

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