Monday, March 2, 2009

Northside Homebrewer's Connection

In December I decided to initiate the beginnings of a homebrewer's connection on the North side of Chicago. We met at my place during a pretty nasty winter evening. But it didn't take long before we forgot all about it, while engaging in some low key small talk and brewing stories. Sitting around the dining table, it was a very relaxing evening, one in which I hope will set the stage for upcoming gatherings.

I've come to a point where I'm brewing lots and lots of good beer, and sharing it with the usual line-up of tedbrew fans. I've also met a few online brew-bloggers, which has been really great. I know a good handful of brewers around Chicago. But I thought my hobby could expand even further by actively bringing local brewers together with some common interests and goals.

At this point I'm keeping the table open for ideas and growth. In general though, I'd like to see a network develop where everyone can easily get in contact with each other. There are too many homebrewers to count in Chicago, so many that there's probably one brewing right now a few blocks away from your home.

I have some personal areas of interest, of which some of them are...compiling a network database, local sharing of equipment & bulk buying, private and public tastings, and ofcourse regular meetings that bring home brewers together to share ideas, techniques, stories, literature and beer samples.

If you are in the Chicago area, and are interesting in being a part of the Northside Homebrewer's Connection, please get in touch soon. I will be hosting the next meeting at my home on Tuesday, March 10th.

Thank You

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Señor Brew™ said...

Ted, I might be interested. How far north are you?

Ted Danyluk said...

We live in the neighborhood farthest north...Rogers Park. A little past Devon. Email or call for specifics.

It would be great to have you there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ted, count me in (again). See you next Tuesday.

Lost at Sea said...

I'm down. Feel free to e-mail me the specifics at


Anonymous said...

Would be interested in future brewer meetings, can e-mail any specifics to future meetings or events

Anonymous said...

Great time again tonight, Ted. Many thanks. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ted,

Found your link awhile back on the Homegrown Evolution website. Learned you were in chicago and have been following your blog. Good stuff and great sounding beers. Great idea on the homebrew group, count me in on your next one. I'm up in lincoln Square.


Dole said...

I have absolutely no experience in homebrewing, just a good attitude and a ton of enthusiasm. How about a beginners class or clinic or something along those lines?

Rossco said...

Hey Ted,

I just came across your's great. I've been homebrewing in the Portland, Oregon area for a while now. I haven't switched to all grain quite yet, but plan to sometime in the future. I've got a Coffee Stout, Irish Red, and IPA on tap right now.


Ted Danyluk said...

It looks like there is a good level of interest in a social network for brewers in and around Chicago's North side. We had a great meet last night, and I can't wait to schedule the next one, and see some new faces.

If you are interested, please allow me a way to get in touch and inform you of the next meeting. So shoot me an email or call (see the info above).

I would very much like to get acquainted before hand. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ted,

Let me know when the next homebrew meeting is. Doing partial mashes now but next batch am jumping into AG. Hop Rhizomes came in mail today:) Sterling & Willamette

Email to

Will be drinking some Alt tonight at the Huettenbar in Lincoln Square around 8. Then to Tiny Lounge(down the street from Half Acre. Join if you like.

Beamish Clone
Ash Magic Amber

Scottish 80

Dry Irish Stout

Anonymous said...

How does one get involved in the next one? I am just starting to brew - and would love to learn some tips and tricks!

Chris said...

I'd love to go to the next one. I spent the last year making meads and I just started brewing. I'm working on a gluten free recipe and have already malted my own quinoa and amaranth. I'm jumping in head first with the whole malting my own grains, decoction, etc. and only have a general idea of what I'm doing, so it'd be great to sit down with some people and get some oppinion.

seeandyspin said...

Although I feel I am too green to contribute significantly yet, I'd love to be thrown on a mailing list of somesort: andrew[dot]j[dot]farley[at]


Ted Danyluk said...

I'm impressed witht he response I've got after posting about this start-up Brewer's Connection I will send out an invite email to all the people who've gotten in touch.

I expect it to grow in size a bit. Whether you brew or not, all are welcome. I think, sometimes it takes a bit of camaraderie and basic knowledge before brewing beer becomes a a possibility.

matthew ems said...

I live in the Rogers Park area and have been a homebrewer for around three years. Always wanted a local homebrew club to kick some ideas around. if it's not to crowded yet, drop me a line at



secondary fermentor

Unknown said...

Man, I'm sad I missed your Half Acre tour in May. I live 3 blocks from the brewery. Anyway, when's your next event and how do I become a part of it?

Anonymous said...

Just happened upon this from this site/post:
(my handle is GreenwoodRover)

I'm definately interested in a meet-up gathering and please clue me in to your next one.