Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Royal Ryeness Brown Ale

It's been a while since brewing a one gallon batch. So, for a yeast starter of American 1056, I'll be using up some old all-grain starter wort that's been sitting in the frig for quite a long time.

With these worts, in an addition to some pale DME, this beer should be brown with an OG around 1.050. I hope to have some distinctive malt flavors, and hopefully they'll be strong enough to stand up to some fairly aggressive hopping. Low AA% Spalt, and Willamette will be spread out evenly in the boil with some nice late hop aroma.

Royal Ryeness Brown Ale

.7 lb. Briess Pale DME
36 oz. Rhino Rye wort
22 oz. Robust Porter wort
22 oz. Pale wort

.2 oz. Spalt, 2.6%, pellet, 45min
.2 oz. Spalt, 2.6%, pellet, 20min
.2 oz. Spalt, 2.6%, pellet, 10min
.2 oz. Willamette, 4.8%, pellet, 5min
.2 oz. Willamette, 4.8%, pellet, KO
.2 oz. Spalt, 2.6%, pellet, KO

Wyeast 1099: American Ale

Overall, it should be unique. That's all I need with this batch.


SeƱor Brew™ said...

" I'll be using up some old all-grain starter wort that's been sitting in the frig for quite a long time"

Do you can your wort for later use?

Kevin LaVoy said...

I'm surprised you could hang on to any of that Rhino Rye. That was some delicious stuff. I can't keep home brew four months after I pop the first one.

That aside, do you use a blow off tube on those? I made one a couple weeks ago, and it was massively explosive

Ted Danyluk said...

Kevin, this is the mashtun "loss" that I collect after running off all the wort for a batch. My mashtun, depending on the pounds of grains, usually provides me with about 1.5 quarts of second-batch/lighter-gravity wort. As for the Rhino Rye, that beer was finished at around New Years. I always hang onto a few bottles of almost every beer I make. If they age well, I let them go longer, but if they kindof loose it, then I'll drink them in their fading days. I do use a blow-off hose.

Senior Brew, I turn the mashtun on it's side and trickle out the remaining wort. During or after brewday this small volume gets boiled and cooled to a point where its still quite hot. Then its poured into sterilized bottles all the way to the top, and capped. They find a home in the back and door of our frig, and stay fresh for quite a long time.

Ted Danyluk said...

Hey Kevin, just wanted you to know, when opening the bottles of wort, I noticed on cap had "rye" on it, but it wasn't my writing. It was one of your rye ales from last year. I tried it today, and it smoothed out a bunch, not much aroma, with a little oxidation, and overall not bad at all. Cheers.