Monday, March 30, 2009

Support Local Breweries

In short...lets support our local breweries. Compared to other cities, especially the beer meccas Denver & Portland, in Chicago there aren't many. But, with the addition of three new ones this year, its slowly getting better.

Here's a list of the locals...

In the City:

Goose Island
Half Acre
Rock Bottom
Revolution coming soon

Nearby: with city distro

Two Brothers
Three Floyds
Flossmoor Station


seeandyspin said...

did not know about moonshine. great list, thanks! exciting time for chicago with so many promising startups.

patrad said...

I agree it is an exciting time for Chicago brews. But being from Milwaukee I do have to interject . . .Denver & Portland . . what about the original Mecca? I think Lakefront is one of the most underrated out there.

Ted Danyluk said...

Patrad, Not sure what to say about that. Never been to Lakefront, especially cause I don't visit Milwaukeee nor have been to any brewpubs there. Its not my town, so I don't really know what's going on in the brew scene (how many breweries and popularity of them).

For a HUGE city though, Chicago falls way short in the number of brewpubs. Especially on the North side, and immediately surrounding North/Northwest territories. So for someone in Rogers Park, there is no brewpub in our immediate area, but to have some locally made brews in stores and pubs, its a start.

Mead Homebrewer said...

I agree. You've gotta support the locals.