Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NS Homebrewer's Connection Meet #3

I'm glad to see such a good response as a result of posting about the North Side Homebrewer's Connection. Check out that post to see a description of this club idea. It looks like a bunch more folks will be joining us at the next meeting.

I will be hosting the third meeting at my home in Rogers Park next week Tuesday (4/14). It will begin a tad earlier at 6:30pm, and go until 9pm.

At this meeting we will discuss more topics of what a Northside Connection could be. I'd like to see some sort of goal to look forward to, like a private tasting. I'll have some beers to sample, and welcome others to bring some as well. I figure there will also be much talk about brewing in general.

At this meeting I will announce the location and a unique experience for the 4th meeting in May.

Again, if you would like to join us for a low key round table of homebrew talk, please get in touch (click link above). I welcome beginners and experienced brewers alike.

Thank You.


Unknown said...

I would be interested. I just started brewing this past February, but jumped full in and am reading my second book on brewing. You can e-mail me at milo655321(AT)yahoo.com.

Red Ale
India Pale Ale

Irish Stout

Espresso Porter
(and two 5 gallon batches of Mead)

Kevin LaVoy said...

Generally speaking, Tuesdays seem to be a bad night for me, but I'm going to try and make this one, and see what all the hullaballoo is about. I have some beers to bring too, which I need to get out of my home before I drink them all up.

seeandyspin said...

Hey Ted, never heard back from you (I may have entered the wrong email); I'd be very interested in sitting in with the group tomorrow. If there is still room please email me at andrew.j.farley@[geeeemalllleeee.commmmm]

matthew ems said...

I am really interested in the Northside Connection, but can't make it this tues. Send me an e-mail when the next meeting will be. matthewems@gmail.com

ruff haus rich said...

Can't make it tonight, have to work until 8 and wouldn't get there in time. I'll honor you guys by brewing tonight instead (Ash Magic Amber). Will try to attend the next meeting. Let me know if you organize a bulk ingredient order. I would definitely contribute.