Friday, May 22, 2009

NHC Meet @ Half Acre Beer Co.

I'd like to send out a big thanks to my friends at Half Acre Beer Company for graciously hosting the 4th meeting of the Northside Homebrewers Connection. Gathering in the space at a time when it's still "under construction" was a unique experience. It really is coming along nicely.

I was happy to see a good turnout of both regular attendees and new folks who had been interested for a while. As a group, we enjoyed a grand tour of the brewery, hearing fun stories from Gabriel and Tommy, a great Q&A session, and all while enjoying samples of some super fresh beer.

I started the Northside Homebrewers Connection as a way to meet more locals who enjoy brewing and drinking fine beer. I'm happy to see a lot of interest, and already the group has come up with great ideas and meeting topics. A google group has been formed as a way to chat in-between meetings. I look forward to future meetings, events and plans.

I encourage anyone in the area who may be interested in this group to contact me (see bottom of this post about the NHC). At this time I wont post about upcoming meetings here (especially cause this is my journal & a NHC blog may be created soon), but will send out email updates. Attending a meeting opens the opportunity to sign up for the google group, and other events.

My wife Sarah came along to shoot the evening.
Enjoy a look inside the brewery!
Visit In Your Guts for a few more pics!


Ethan said...

Hey Ted,

Could you send me some information about the NHC when you get a chance? I'd really like the opportunity to pick the minds of more experienced brewers than myself, and the chance to get feedback on what I am making would be great.

Ted Danyluk said...

Definitely. Please email me using the gmail address in the link I gave above. Then I can send you updates. Also, feel free to pick my brain here through comments in posts that find your fancy. I love brew-talks and helping fellow brewer's brew their best!

Thanks for commenting. Later.

seeandyspin said...

it was a great look inside a passionate craft beer brewery in-the-making. thanks for setting it up ted!

Adam Snider said...

This was a great time; thanks again, Ted.