Friday, May 22, 2009

Peppercorn Belgian Ale

I have always wondered when I might want to replicate a beer. Some pretty good beers have passed through my set-up over the years, but there's always something tweak. But, last year's Belgian Tripel was so good, I'm not sure there is anything change. I'll write more about that one later.

In order to recreate the Tripel, I needed to make a one gallon batch of a light alcohol Belgian ale. This yeast starter is actually very similar to last year's Silly Trappist. I used up a bunch of different worts from final mash runnings. Some extract was also thrown in at the end.

The hops were kept simple with one small addition at 60min. I thought I'd try something similar to the light Belgian ale in the recent Zymurgy. So, in went some cracked black pepper right at the end of the boil. The whole peppercorns are organic with a ton of aroma!

Peppercorn Belgian Ale

1 gal. Various pale worts
.3 lb. Extra Pale DME

.2 oz. Spalt, 2.9%, pellet, 60min
.25 tsp Organic Black Peppercorns, crushed, 5min
.125 tsp Organic Black Peppercorns, crushed, KO

Wyeast 3787: Trappist High Gravity

Brewed: 5/22/09

OG: 1.038
IBU: approx. 14
Color/SRM: Pale/3-5
Ferment Temp: 75-80°F

FG: 1.014
ABW: 2.5%
ABV: 3.15%


Kevin LaVoy said...

Careful with those peppercorns! I had a Rye/Peppercorn Ale a year ago (commercially produced), and the pepper was so overwhelming, I found it undrinkable. Thankfully, I had only bought one bottle.

I can stop by anytime for the keg. Brewing tomorrow, but off on Monday. That work for you?

SeƱor Brew™ said...

I haven't heard of anyone adding peppercorns to a trippel. In my experience the peppery taste comes from the belgian yeast, not actual pepper.

Ted Danyluk said...

Kevin, I did push it a little bit here. We'll see.

Senor Brew, me neither. These one gallon batches are perfect for some experimentation. I highly doubt there will be any trace of the black peppercorns in the upcoming Tripel.

Kevin LaVoy said...

I'm looking forward to trying your tripel and mine side by side. I did my dubbel Sunday, so I'll abe doing my tripel next weekend.

travis said...

I second Kevin's comment. I too was overwhelmed by the Rye, I can only imagine the peppercorn is the same. BTW - I had the gigner brew, interesting flavor. It reminded me of iced tea.