Friday, June 12, 2009

Rhino Rye 2

I really enjoy a beer that takes a few sips, or even a few pints, to get used to. Where, within the first impression, there's obviously some major flavors going on, but they are quite familiar. Then, after getting over it's initial peculiarity, the beer quickly becomes a favorite.

A good beer to me, must be unique in some way. In a commercial standpoint, the beer must be worth it for me to buy it, and this comes down to how unique it is. It's difficult for us to duplicate a commercial beer. But when the quality of our homebrew gets close, then it's more important to come up with a unique style to call our own.

Last year I made Rhino Rye. It had great flavor and clarity and packed a good punch. It was definitely unique and took a few to fall in love with it. So, since it eventually made towards the top of my list of favorites, I had to brew it again.

With only minor alterations, I hope it will come out close to the original. I did decide to darken it a tad by using a malt I've been playing around with...Crystal Rye 75L. This malt has a pretty intense/sharp, but clean sweetness to it and gives a beer a more saturated red color. With the crystal malt being upped to 40L, this will also give the beer more color and sweetness.

The hops are pretty much the same, except Centennial was substituted in the bittering addition. Scaling up to 6 gallons from 5, all the ingredient percentages in the recipe were held very close.

Rhino Rye 2

8.5 lbs. Organic 2-Row Pale
3.0 lbs. Flaked Rye
.50 lbs. Amer. Crystal 40L
.50 lbs. Crystal Rye 75L
.75 lbs. Turbinado

.90 oz. Centennial, 9.1%, pellet, 50min
.35 oz. Cluster, 7.7%, pellet, 25min
.60 oz. Mt. Hood, 5.2%, pellet, 25min
.50 oz. Cluster, 7.7%, pellet, KO
.50 oz. Mt. Hood, 5.2%, pellet, KO
.35 oz. Cluster, 7.7%, pellet, Dry
.45 oz. Mt. Hood, 5.2%, pellet, Dry

Wyeast 1056: American Ale decanted Starter

Brew Day Stats

Brewed: 6/5/09

Water Adjustment
Protein Rest: .25 tsp gypsum, .25 acid blend
Strike: 1 tsp gypsum, .5 tsp cacl, .5 tsp acid blend
2nd Sparge: 1 tsp gypsum, .5 tsp cacl

Protein Rest: 129°F/30min
Sacch. Rest Temp/Time: 151°F/60min
Mash Ph: 5.4
Mash Out Temp/Time: n/a
1st Batch Vol/SG: n/a

2nd Batch Sparge H2OTemp/MashTemp: n/a
2nd Batch Vol/SG: n/a

Pre-Boil Vol: 7.35 gallons
Pre-Boil SG: 1.049
Boil Time: 75min
Post-Boil Vol: 5.85 gallons
Mash Efficiency: 73%

OG w/ sugar: 1.061
IBU: 42
Color/SRM: Copper-Amber/9-11
Ferment Temp: 68-72°F

FG: 1.008
ABW: 5.6%
ABV: 7%

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