Thursday, November 19, 2009

NHC Dark Beer Contest...TONIGHT!

Tonight, a public tasting and judging of 5 dark ales will be hosted by Hamburger Mary's in Andersonville. As host of the event, Hamburger Mary's will also brew and feature the winning ale as a limited release, winter reserve offering in January 2010.

This special event has been in the works for about 2 months. 5 teams were assembled back in September at a Northside Homebrewer's Connection meeting. Each team brainstormed & met to brew a special dark ale perfect for winter, in hopes to win our first internal NHC homebrew contest. Aside from a special cash prize, the winning team will then go in to help brew their batch at the brewpub!

It should be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

Northside Hombrewer's Connection Dark Ale Contest

Host: Hamburger Mary's Brewpub 5400 N. Clark
When: TONIGHT...November 19th, Thursday
Time: 7pm-til last drop is poured
Entry: $5 for sample cup & judging ticket, 21+


5 Teams were formed
5 Beers were brewed 2 Brown, 2 Porter, 1 Stout
5 Kegs of fresh homebrew
5 3oz. Samples
**Open to Public**
1 Winning team
1 Winning dark ale will be brewed and served at Hamburger Mary's



Slovak Brewer said...

I am attending tonight.. going to cheer on my fellow Gentlemen.. :D

Ted Danyluk said...

Great! I'm glad. See you there!

SeƱor Brew™ said...

Dude. Give people a little more notice next time. I probably would have gone if I had heard about it more than 6 hours in advance. Actually, I didn't read your post until just now, so I really heard about it five hours after it started.

seeandyspin said...

That was great! Thanks so much again, it was a blast.