Sunday, January 10, 2010

Muddy River Stout brewed at Hamburger Mary's

Last year in November, our Northside Homebrewer's Connection had it's first internal dark/seasonal ale contest hosted by/at Hamburger Mary's. Five teams made five dark beers, all served on draft, with sampling and judging by the general public. After all the votes were tallied, Muddy River Stout won! Its a super smooth & chocolaty stout made with dark roasted malts and real chocolate.

The winning team, Hoyne Street Brewers, received a cash prize and the opportunity to go in and brew their recipe at Hamburger Mary's. With some recipe tweaks, ordering & gathering equipment & ingredients, and a logistical meeting, the brewday finally came.

I'd like send out a big congratulations to the winning team (Dave W., Matt K., J.D., and Kyle S.)! Also, a big thanks to Brandon for hosting the event and opening your kitchen/brewery to our new club! And we could have done it without the generosity of Nathan Barth, who's awesome brewing equipment was absolutely necessary...Thanks!

Yesterday morning, a 75 gallon, partial mash batch of Muddy River Stout was brewed. Using a 55 gallon mashtun (that would later become 1 of 3 boil kettles), along with numerous 15 gallon kettles, we mashed close to 100 pounds of grain and drew off nearly a full wort boil. Extract was added to make up the gravity points, and chocolate was also added at the end of the boil.

All-in-all, what easily could have been a logistical nightmare turned out to be a successful brewday. With six brewers, numerous filled kettles scattered half-logically all around, in a very small prep-kitchen, it was a bit cramped, but also a really enjoyable time. It was totally worth it and an experience we'll never forget. This special seasonal stout will be released on draft at the restaurant at the tail end of January or the very beginning of February.

It makes me very happy to see such a rewarding event and fun opportunity unfold within the first year of starting the NHC. Another NHC/HM contest will be planned & scheduled for either Spring or late Summer. After our second informal board meeting, plans for 2010 are set and unfolding. With a dedicated website coming soon, the majority of NHC information will be communicated there.

Muddy River Stout: On Draft NOW!

I'll be visiting Hamburger Mary's this Saturday evening...Jan30th. Please join me & some of the others from the winning team, over a pint while hanging out in their wreck room. Give me a call/text to coordinate a time.


satan165 said...

ted - stopped into HMs today and sampled the stout, it was the best beer on tap there. heard about your group from brandon and heard about the upcoming second contest. look forward to trying all the entries and of course the winner. big props to the northside connection for taking advantage of HMs and for (indirectly) highlighting brandon's initial offerings.

Crowhill said...

75 gallons! That is one serious batch!