Friday, May 21, 2010

Been Away For a While

For those who have been following my brewing journal, you may have noticed an absence from my contributions for a while. I've still been brewing a lot, but finding time this year to sit and write has been replaced with more personal and family time. Picking up more shifts, vacations, and community has also filled the schedule book.

Being so busy and scatterbrained, having enough time to effectively run the Northside Homebrewers Connection has been difficult at best. In affect, a much more casual approach has taken place. I hope to get things together, to at least schedule regular meetings again, but time will tell us how/what our group evolves into. Overall, I'm very happy with the camaraderie of everyone involved.

Lager brewing was squeezed into a few cold months starting at the beginning of January. Following that, I got in a big batch of small beer which matured very well, and took on a very British taste. Then, brewing some styles I've never made before, like the Hefewiezen was cool, and it turned out great! Having good friends over to brew has been fun this year, brewing outside a few times, and being quite cold too.

Also, I've taken on another test batch project for hopes that one will be chosen by a new brewery opening somewhere in the continental USA. It's something I'm fucosuing on, but really not sure how it will unfold.

Of the batches I've had no time to write about, here I'll simply list them.

Copper Lager #4 ½ on Pils yeast & ½ on Bohemian yeast
Cherrywood Doppelbock
Smoked Baby Bock the 2%abv parti-gyle from the doppelbock mash
Daring Pilsener
Cousin's Dark Brown Ale
Columbarillo IPA
American Hefewiezen
Test Batch A1
Test Batch P1

I hope all is well in the home brewing online world. With life mellowing in the foreseeable future, I plan to write more about my brewing adventures.



mkb said...

cherrywood doppelbock? is that aged in cherrywood or smoked with cherrywood?

Ted Danyluk said...

Its a very dark and rich smoked doppelbock using 5 pounds of Bries cherrywood smoked malt. It's a much stronger smoke/phenol than I thought, so less is definitely more when using this malt.

Chris said...

I used a pound of the cherrywood malt in my rauchbier and was shocked how much flavor I got from it.