Thursday, July 22, 2010

Current Beers - Summer 2010

At this post date, there are no beers fermenting, or brew-days planned. Currently serving, mostly on draft, are...

-Session 1 light lager
-Biscuit Small Beer
-American Hefeweizen
-Columbarillo IPA
-Cherrywood Smoked Doppelbock
-The Bones Eye IPA best ipa to date!

This year has provided a good number of beers brewed with others in mind. A number of students have learned the all-grain brewing methods and techniques I use. Several interesting test batches were brewed. Its interesting to note that many brewdays were centered on recipes not quite what I've wanted to brew for myself. Never-the-less, the second half of many of these batches have gone straight into kegs for Summer consumption. Early on, I placed a big order of American hops for a bunch more hoppy brews, but I really haven't gotten around to using them till very recently. My Bones Eye IPA is a killer 6.4% pale ale bursting with fresh Amarillo hops!

With a handful of brews on draft right now, I don't see any problem quenching our blazing hot summer days here in Chicago. I plan to drink, not brew. With a lot of small bbq's, with close friends on the horizon, I look forward to a relaxing summer. Also, I welcome you to swing by and enjoy a pint with me, so just get in touch.