Thursday, July 22, 2010

Current Beers - Summer 2010

At this post date, there are no beers fermenting, or brew-days planned. Currently serving, mostly on draft, are...

-Session 1 light lager
-Biscuit Small Beer
-American Hefeweizen
-Columbarillo IPA
-Cherrywood Smoked Doppelbock
-The Bones Eye IPA best ipa to date!

This year has provided a good number of beers brewed with others in mind. A number of students have learned the all-grain brewing methods and techniques I use. Several interesting test batches were brewed. Its interesting to note that many brewdays were centered on recipes not quite what I've wanted to brew for myself. Never-the-less, the second half of many of these batches have gone straight into kegs for Summer consumption. Early on, I placed a big order of American hops for a bunch more hoppy brews, but I really haven't gotten around to using them till very recently. My Bones Eye IPA is a killer 6.4% pale ale bursting with fresh Amarillo hops!

With a handful of brews on draft right now, I don't see any problem quenching our blazing hot summer days here in Chicago. I plan to drink, not brew. With a lot of small bbq's, with close friends on the horizon, I look forward to a relaxing summer. Also, I welcome you to swing by and enjoy a pint with me, so just get in touch.


Chapa Realty said...

Could you post the recipe to your Bones Eye IPA?? I'm brewing an IPA next week, and may just have to try the Amarillo. My only hesitation, is I made a Two Hearted clone not long ago, but instead of straight Centennial, I did a 30/70 combo of Amarillo(30%)/Centennial(70%) for the flavor and aroma hops, then just dry hopped with Centennial. Not sure what happened, but I really don't care for it. Has a thick lemony taste that just doesn't taste right. I've heard so many good things about Amarillo lately though, and I love IPA's, I wonder if there was another factor that contributed, such as the yeast. Either way, would love to see the recipe for your best IPA to date ;)

Ted Danyluk said...

Going into the bottles/keg, it really did taste awesome. But now it seems that it developed some oxidation, probably due to splashing the secondary carboy/hops so much/vigorously.

No, I'm not going to post it. All I have to say is substitute the centennial for Amarillo. Throw an ounce of Simcoe in Dry hops too. Then you got a pale ale that really highlights that great Amarillo flavor!

On element that boosts hop quality is ordering from the source...hops direct. The whole amarillo hops a simply fresh and amazing! Forget getting them in re-repackaged 1oz packs at your LHBS...just not fresh enough for the best hoppy pale ales!

Chapa Realty said...

Thanks for the info. I'll have to try that out. Is there a good Amarillo hopped commercial beer around MO/IL that you suggest trying? Really want to try some of it.

I usually buy my hops online, but Hops Direct and Freshops are out of Amarillo. I wonder if Country Malt or Rebel Brewer would be a good alternative, I assume Country Malt would before RB. Might be heading to Chicago soon to visit my uncle, might have to hit you up while I'm out that way.

Ted Danyluk said...

I'm not well versed with ingredients in commercial beers. Especially since I've lost my fanaticism of it all. But I thought 3Floyds uses lots of Amarillo.

I'm open to meeting you. Just send an email, and maybe we can set something up. Bring beer, cause I like to try other's home brews. Cheers!

cgroganVT said...

Just finished up a batch of IPA. It turned out better than expected. However,I'd like to kick up the hoppiness next time. Thanks for the tip on the Amarillo.

Home Brewing Beer Kits said...

What was the AAU on your Amarillo hops?

Marco Aurélio Piacentini said...

Very nice blog you have here! Congrats! By the recipes I´ve seen, you´re an artist!

I´m still starting in the craft, with the usual limitations of a tropical country (Brazil) which does not produce hops or yeast, what condemn us all to use dry yeast in almost all batches.

Well, anyway... I want to congratulate you for the blog... from now on I´m following it... And I want, also, to invite you to visit mine:
It´s bilingual... English and Portuguese.


Nova Mutum, MT, Brazil

Ted Danyluk said...


I'm glad you like my site and the work I've done. Thank you for your kind complements.

I checked out your blog, and look forward to returning and reading more. Looks great.

I've written about (haven't published on blog yet) about how I view brewing as a science and an art. Both being spects that draw my attention in greater/lesser degrees. I think I'll get to that this year.

Last year was a busy year in brewing, but I haven't really given the blog much attention. This year I intend to write much more. Still gotta get to the 2010 year end post!

I'm glad you worte in, and hope to see you visit/write in again.

Relax Don't Worry Have a Homebrew said...
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Nick Filipow said...

I just started a blog myself a few weeks back. I was looking at yours and was curious how you set up the categories and sites running down the side. I also have been working with uploading videos, but I've been running into some errors. Anyway, I like the site, feel free to check mine out.

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