Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Climate Cycle Fundraiser

Climate Cycle is a fundraising event where cycling participants raise money to help put solar cells and "green" learning tools in public school classrooms around the Chicago area.

Last year I joined up with my friends and rose over $1000, and rode 62 miles. This year, my team will be biking 125 miles over 2 days and has set a team goal of $10,000.

Once again, I'm hosting a home brew party to generate extra donations. I've been busy brewing up 3 different 10gal batches. I wanted to share the recipes here so that guests can get an idea of what to expect.

I welcome pledges from anyone visiting my brew journal. Please fisit my fundraising webpage to make a donation

Chain Grease Stout

14# 2-Row
1# UK Crystal 80L
.5# UK Crystal 20L
2# UK Roasted Barley
.75# Flaked Oats 4oz.

Willamette, 60min

Biking Viking Amber

17# 2-Row
1# Toasted 2-Row
1# UK Crystal 20L
1# Am. Crystal 40L
.75# Am. Crystal 120L
.5# Honey Malt
.13# Belg. Rst Barley

1oz. Amarillo, FWH
1oz. Centennial, FWH
.75oz. Magnum, 60min
1oz. Amarillo, 10min
1oz. Centennial, 10min
2oz. Citra, 5min
1oz. Amarillo, KO
1oz. Centennial, KO
2oz. Citra, KO

Solar Flare Pale Ale

16# 2-Row
1.25# Am. Crystal 15L
1# Belg. Crystal 8L
.5# Honey Malt
1# CaraPils

2oz. Galena, FWH
2oz. Galena, 10min
3oz. Galena, KO